How do you decide which students will be on campus?

Gallaudet will be open this Fall 2021, and all students should plan to return to campus. If you have a medical or other extenuating circumstance that may prevent your return, please discuss with your academic advisor.

How will we be assigned to rooms?

Residence Life will determine room and roommate assignments based on students’ attributes on the Housing Applications such as room temperature preference, smoking/non-smoking, introvert/extrovert, to name a few. All freshmen will be assigned to Benson Hall, sophomores assigned to Clerc Hall. Other classes will be assigned depending on space availability and information on the housing applications.

I am an athlete. When do I return to campus?

Your coach will be in touch with you. If you have not heard yet, please reach out to your coach to ask questions. Residence Life will assign rooms and send you information about arrival dates.