How do I submit proof of my vaccination status?

Employees and students who are required to be vaccinated must send documentation – such as an image of your vaccination card or a copy of your immunization records from your physician – to

What if I no longer have my COVID-19 vaccination card?

Vaccination records are maintained electronically and you may receive a record of your vaccination if you lose or misplace your card. First, return to or contact your vaccination site to see if they may provide a replacement card. (If you received two vaccination doses at different sites, contact the site where you received your second […]

Is information about my vaccination status provided to Gallaudet or Clerc Center staff or others?

Individuals who do not comply with the policy will be identified to their supervisor/administrator through regular reporting in order to determine access to campus. Gallaudet and Clerc Center will not otherwise share information regarding an individual’s vaccination status – including whether individuals have applied for and/or received a medical or religious exemption. Gallaudet may report […]