Why are Gallaudet University and the Clerc Center requiring the COVID-19 vaccine?

Gallaudet and the Clerc Center, in following overwhelming scientific evidence, believe that mandatory vaccination is the best way to protect all community members’ – and our collective – health and safety, and to provide the most enriching and effective learning and working environments. We are requiring vaccination for COVID-19 in the same way and for […]

By when am I required to be vaccinated?

Your last dose of the vaccination must be at least two weeks prior to appearing on campus. For Clerc Center employees appearing on campus beginning August 16, you must receive your final dose on or before August 2. For Clerc Center students scheduled to appear on campus beginning September 7, you must receive your final […]

What about new employees?

Employees who begin working at Gallaudet or the Clerc Center after August 24 will have 45 days following their start date to become fully vaccinated. After 45 days, the full requirement applies.

What if I don’t want to take the vaccine?

Exemptions to this policy will be granted solely for approved medical and religious reasons. All others must comply with the requirement to learn, live, or work on our campus.

How will this policy be enforced?

Similar to requirements for other vaccines, Gallaudet and the Clerc Center will monitor which individuals have not submitted documentation of vaccination or received a medical or religious exemption. Please ensure that you submit documentation of your vaccination as described in the ‘Submitting Proof of Vaccination’ section below.