The Gallaudet COVID-19 Leadership Team will actively monitor ongoing COVID-19 developments within the Gallaudet community and the District of Columbia, especially in the northeast quadrant. Should the emergence of an outbreak on campus be suspected, the COVID-19 Response Team will work in close coordination with the District of Columbia Department of Health to take any necessary actions. Gallaudet will also review and adjust, as needed, the university’s surveillance, testing, and monitoring protocols.

In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak on campus or within the District of Columbia, students who are living on campus will be given the option to move off campus or remain and be required to follow all District of Columbia and university stay-at-home orders. All on-campus events or gatherings will be cancelled. All shared spaces will be closed, and only essential personnel or those with a specific purpose will be permitted access to campus.

If quarantines are necessary, Gallaudet has identified a residence hall on campus for isolation purposes. Ten rooms have been reserved for isolation in a separate building from where other students and staff will be housed. The building will be secure and only essential employees will have access. The residence hall will be monitored and visitors will not be permitted to have in-person interactions with infected individuals, though virtual engagement will be encouraged.