College Hall Building
The Finance Office is responsible for processing, reporting and monitoring the financial transactions of Gallaudet University (including Clerc Center). Good customer service is an integral part of what we do, and it is our goal to provide high quality services to our students, their parents, VR counselors, budget unit heads and their staff, other employees, and vendors.

Services provided include:


  • Managing business registration
  • Processing VR authorizations
  • Maintaining student account records
  • Explaining accounting procedures
  • Processing student loans
  • Issuing student refunds


  • Providing student account balance information
  • Responding to inquiries about enrollment fees
  • Processing payments

VR Counselors

  • Advising on student account information
  • Issuing billings for VR authorizations
  • Processing payments

Campus Community

  • Issuing timely and accurate financial reports
  • Disbursing funds as needed
  • Processing deposits
  • Providing training in accounting procedures
  • Supplying accounting forms
  • Accommodating travel needs
  • Processing payments and waivers for educational assistance