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On behalf of the Student Financial Services (SFS) team, I want to take this opportunity to welcome our new students, and say welcome back to all our students at Gallaudet University.  This 2020-2021 academic year, SFS will be working hard to engage with our students to make sure you have the support you need in financing your education.  We in SFS know that financing your education can be overwhelming as a college student, and I understand that it is a significant investment.  Student Financial Services is here to provide you with the support, tools, and information to make sure that you understand financial responsibility, and have a positive Gallaudet experience.  Our office also supports students in processing their third-party support such as Vocational Rehabilitation.

Student Financial Services is responsible for billing, and the collection of tuition, fees, and associated charges.  We also have a specialist in place to help all students with third-party support such as Vocational Rehabilitation.  Our team is dedicated in making sure students at Gallaudet University are receiving great customer service and timely and accurate information.  We are here to answer any questions you may have in regards to your student account.

I wish you all great success this academic year.


Crystal Harris, Director, SFS


Gallaudet Student Financial Services

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