1.  What is GallyPay?

GallyPay is Gallaudet University's online billing and payment system.  It allows students to view and pay their student bills online.

2.  How do I access GallyPay?

To access GallyPay, go to Bison → Self Service → Campus Finances → Make a Payment.  A new screen will open. Be sure to disable your computer pop-up blocker when clicking "Make a Payment."

3.  What are my payment options to pay off my balance?

    1. E-checks and E-savings -- There is no charge for this service.
    2. Credit Card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa) -- A 2.75% service fee will be assessed.
    3. Cash (Payments can only be made at the Cashier Office located in College Hall B04.)

4.  How do I waive Gallaudet health insurance?

    1. You must complete the health insurance waiver request online through your Bison account during Online Business Registration.
    2. You must also attach a scanned copy of the front and back of your health insurance card along with a scanned copy of your student ID during Online Business Registration.

5.  What kind of health insurance coverage do I need to have to be qualified for a waiver?

    1. Medicaid
    2. Medicare Parts A & B
    3. A comprehensive health insurance plan comparable to Gallaudet's plan

6.  How do I know if my health insurance has been waived?

You will receive a confirmation from Gallagher if your health insurance plan has been accepted and approved.

7.  How do I add Dining Dollars to my student ID Card?

Go to Bison → Self Service → Dining Dollars Online.  Select the amount you want for Dining Dollars.  It will be posted as a charge to your student account.  Your student ID card will be updated with the new amount within 24 hours.

8.  Why was I denied an unofficial or official transcript request/order?

Transcript requests/orders are denied if a student has not paid off their account in full.

9.  Where do I access Business Registration?

Go to Bison → Self Service → Business Registration.  Be sure to complete every step.  If it is completed successfully, you will receive a congratulatory message at the end of the process.  If you do not receive this message, please recheck every step.

10. If VR is giving me support for books, what do I need to do?

If you are receiving VR support for your books, please contact your VR counselor to make sure the authorization papers have been sent to Gallaudet's Student Financial Services Office. Your VR counselor can fax your VR authorization papers to us at 202-651-5711.

11.  Why does my student account have a service hold?

A hold on your account could mean:

  1. SF1:  Current outstanding account balance.  You cannot register until the account is paid off.
  2. SF2:  Old bad debt.  You cannot register until old bad debt is paid off.  Contact us at student.accounts@gallaudet.edu or call us at 202-651-5145 (voice) or 202-250-2453 (vp).
  3. SF3:  Graduated with outstanding balance.  Contact us at student.accounts@gallaudet.edu or call us at 202-651-5145 (voice) or 202-250-2453 (vp).
  4. SF4:  Account balance in Bison has been sent to the collections agency.  Contact us at student.account@gallaudet.edu or call us at 202-651-5145 (voice) or 202-250-2453 (vp).
  5. SF5:  Student is an ELI student and has to pay tuition upfront.
  6. SF6:  Student is an international student and has to pay tuition upfront.
  7. VR1:  Transcripts and diplomas are not released due to an outstanding VR payment.