Student Account Debt Information

As an essential and integral part of the student's educational program at Gallaudet University, the student account allows Gallaudet University to post tuition, fee, room, board and other charges as well as record payments from student loans, scholarships, grants and vocational rehabilitation authorizations. One benefit of having the student account is to allow the student to enroll for the semester and pay for the charges during the semester instead of on or before the first day of the class.

Per Gallaudet University's policy, the account balance must be paid in full each semester at posted dates before the student can pre-register courses and enroll for the next semester or obtain diploma and transcript upon graduation. Gallaudet University does not offer deferral or payment installment plans.

A currently enrolled student who may have or anticipate financial difficulties in paying the account balance may elect to submit a completed and signed financial appeal application by the posted due date of each semester. The financial appeal committee will review the applications and make decisions to accept or reject them. There is no guarantee that this application will result in approval for enrolling next semester.

The student has a full access to the account balance online in Bison and is responsible to frequently monitor to ensure that all financial affairs are taken care of quickly and early. This includes maintaining close contact and working relationship with Financial Aid Office, Student Financial Services, departments, sponsors and Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies. The student bills are sent to the students twice each semester to both home and campus addresses of record.

If the student graduates or withdraws from Gallaudet University with an outstanding balance, Gallaudet will send two default letters to the student's official address of record 30 and 60 days after the close of the semester. If the account balance remains unpaid 15 days after the mailing of the second default letter, the student's account will be forwarded to the collection agency.

The collection agency will add a thirty-three percent collections fee to the account balance and the student will be responsible for paying both the account balance and collections fee. The student's name will be posted on the account default list through credit bureaus nationwide.

The Office of Student Financial Services strives hard to provide the best service to the students, parents, sponsors and agencies. Our goal is to maintain accurate financial records and to communicate to the community about important financial information and due dates.