Undergraduate Students Beginning Graduate Program in Summer

Undergraduate students who plan to begin a Graduate Program in Summer, and who have been enrolled as undergraduate students in fall and/or spring, MUST COMPLETE A FAFSA FOR THE SAME AWARD YEAR AS A GRADUATE STUDENT. FAFSA results for undergraduate students are invalid for awarding graduate level financial aid. Adjusted FAFSAs must be filed by the beginning of May for the prior Academic Year. For example, a student who is an undergraduate in Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 and who starts a graduate program in Summer of 2019 MUST correct their 2018-2019 FAFSA (before May if possible) to reflect graduate level status. It is essential that undergraduate students beginning a Graduate Program in Summer. See the Financial Aid Office about requirements and applications even before acceptance into a graduate program.

Graduate Students Taking Undergraduate Courses

Graduate students taking undergraduate coursework will be awarded financial aid based ONLY on the number of Graduate degree credits. To qualify for federal and institutional aid programs, graduate students must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours of Graduate coursework.

Online Students

Gallaudet University and Federal Financial Aid Programs (Federal Stafford, PLUS, Work Study, PELL Grants and SEOG Grants) may be used to cover online (distance education) courses with certain restrictions.

Students taking online courses during the regular, 15 week semester, may receive financial aid funding (if otherwise eligible); however the cost of education used to determine financial aid eligibility for online class funding will include tuition, fees, and books only.* Transportation costs, personal expenses, room, and board are not included in determining the amount of financial aid funding, and are not considered to be relevant costs associated with an online study.* Students may choose to live in University housing while taking online study; however, the expenses related to dorm residence will not be included in financial aid calculations. Students taking online courses over 8 weeks must be enrolled for two consecutive sessions in order to be eligible for financial aid funding. See the following Section.

*Students enrolling for at least six credits per semester in their degree programs via resident (lecture) classes in combination with online classes will have their financial aid packaged with all applicable costs included (tuition, fees, books, room, board, transportation, and personal expenses).

Online Degree Completion Program (ODCP)

Students enrolled in The Online Degree Completion Program (ODCP) may be considered for most types of institutional and federal need-based financial aid funds if they are enrolled at least half-time (6 credits) in either one 8-week session, or over two consecutive 8-week sessions. The "semester" for ODCP students is considered to be two 8-week sessions (or 16 weeks), during which at least 6 credits (or more) are attempted. Enrollment for at least 6 credits must be documented before financial aid eligibility can be established. Students who wish to apply for financial aid are required to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Gallaudet Institutional Financial Aid Application (IFAA).

ODCP students' financial aid review will be based on the results of the FAFSA and other applications, and will consider the applicable costs for tuition, fees, and books/supplies.* Financial aid awarded will be disbursed directly to students' university accounts as a credit to charges, and may be refunded to students if funds are greater than account charges. In the case of Stafford Loans, the disbursement(s) will be made after the drop deadline for students enrolled half-time (6 credits) for one 8-week session, or after the student has begun the second of two consecutive 8-week sessions. Please note: any financial aid awarded for two consecutive sessions will be canceled if a student drops, withdraws, or otherwise does not "attend" the second 8-week session. Students who begin a session but later withdraw may have their financial aid reduced or canceled, based on the date of withdrawal. For this and other information pertaining to financial aid, please review the financial aid website in full. *On-line study costs do not include living expenses, travel, or personal expenses.

Special/Visiting Students

Students who are attending other institutions and who are enrolling at Gallaudet for one or two semesters are considered to be visiting or special students and are not eligible for financial aid. In some cases, students' home institutions will agree to transfer any aid for which they are eligible to Gallaudet via a Consortium Agreement; however, all visiting students must apply for aid at their home institutions, not at Gallaudet. Visiting students should discuss their plans with the Financial Aid Office at their home schools (degree-granting institution) prior to attending Gallaudet.

International Students

Gallaudet has very limited aid for international students. Assistance through the University is intended only to supplement other resources in the event that documented support is unexpectedly reduced or withdrawn. International students are considered to be personally responsible for meeting their college expenses. First-year international students are not eligible for financial aid. Returning international students are required to complete the Gallaudet Institutional Financial Aid Application (IFAA) in BISON. Additional financial assistance for international students from developing countries may be available from the Office Research Support and International Affairs (RSIA).