Parent Guide

Many Gallaudet University parents are actively involved in their children's lives, especially when it involves college finances. We send most of our correspondence regarding students' financial aid directly to students via email. To help you be informed about financial aid, we offer this page of information and links that parents of Gallaudet students often find useful.

Your Student's Financial Aid Information

    1. Requesting Information about Your Student: Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Gallaudet University policy, we cannot release financial aid information to anyone other than registered Gallaudet students. We can discuss financial information with dependent students' parents or custodial parents, if parents provide the Gallaudet ID and if the student's dependency status is confirmed.
    2. Accessing Your Student's Financial Information on BISON: Students manage most of their business transactions, including financial aid, on the web via the secure student portal called BISON. The Parent/Family Authorization feature of BISON allows students to authorize a guest account for their parents or other family members. With a guest Account, parents may access student's financial aid award notices, financial aid forms/documents and bills.

Understanding Your Student's Financial Aid Award

Gallaudet University's Student Financial Services maintains students' university accounts and issues student bills. Students are responsible for ensuring that the University bills are paid on time each term. To do this, you and your student should monitor your student's account, check your student's balance frequently, and become familiar with the way your student's financial aid appears on your student's account.

When your student receives financial aid administered by our office, including scholarships, grants, and loans, it appears on your student's billing account and is applied against the charges, usually during the first month of the term. Other aid types, such as private scholarships, are also applied directly to account charges and reflected on your bill.

Some types of aid have restricted uses. For example, merit funds cannot be used to pay for lost ID fees or parking tickets. Some awards may only be applied to tuition. This may leave charges on your account and you are responsible for paying any balance due.

Federal Direct Loan payments applied to your account will be lower than amounts listed on your Financial Aid Award Notice because loan origination fees are deducted.

Work-Study funds do not appear on your account. You receive your Work-Study award by getting a part-time job with a qualified employer and earning a paycheck.

If a private scholarship check was sent directly to the University, it will be applied to your University student account, one-half in the Fall term and one-half in the Spring term, unless the sponsor specifies otherwise. Payments are usually processed within two weeks. If the payment creates a credit balance on your University student account, the credit will be released to you by check or direct deposit to your bank account, unless the sponsor specifies otherwise.

If your scholarship sponsor sends your scholarship check directly to you, you should follow these instructions to make sure it is applied to your University student account:

      • If the check is made out to the University, you should bring it to the Financial Aid Office.
      • If the check is made co-payable to you and the University, endorse the check and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.
      • If the check is made payable to you only, it is your responsibility to report this resource to us and to apply any funds necessary to your University student account.

Please send private scholarship checks (include your Federal Tax ID number on your check or accompanying correspondence) to:

Gallaudet University
Financial Aid Office
Chapel Hall, room G-02
800 Florida Ave NE
Washington, D.C. 20002

If you have questions about your student's account or bill, you may contact Student Financial Services directly.

Loan Information 

Information about student loans can be found on the Financial Aid Programs page.