Board Waiver

Board Waiver

In accordance with the Gallaudet University's Residence Hall contract, all students who live on campus are required to purchase a Meal Plan. Occasionally, students living on campus may have a documented food-related medical condition that cannot be reasonable accommodated through the campus food service provider. Board Waiver's are decided on a case-by-case basis. It is the responsibility of the student to provide Business and Support Services with a completed board waver form and supporting documentation for the board waiver.


Requests for the waiver should be submitted prior to Business Registration and will be reviewed shortly after registration. All requests should be sent to the attention of Gary Aller, Executive Director, Business and Support Services. Mr. Aller can be reached by phone at (202) 448-6968, email or by sending a letter addressed to him at Gallaudet University, Gary Aller, 800 Florida Avenue, N.E. #CO314, Washington, D.C. 20002-3695.

Board Waivers will only be granted for those who have a documented food-related medical condition that cannot be reasonably accommodated by the food service provider. A physician’s letter documenting the exact food-related medical condition must accompany the student’s waiver request along with other pertinent documentation. Board waivers will not be considered without the physician’s letter. As a part of the board waiver procedure, a University official will contact the physician to verify the food-related medical condition and to discuss possible accommodation within the board plan. The food service provider may also consult with a licensed nutritionist or dietician when reviewing possible accommodations. 

The Board Waiver Committee will review all documentation and make a decision based on University policy, communication with the student, the doctor, and the food service provider. The student will be informed of this decision from Mr. Aller by letter/e-mail. Students wishing to challenge a waiver denial may do so by obtaining an appeal form from Business and Support Services within five (5) business days. Student will receive a written response to their appeal. The decisions of the Board Waiver Committee are final.

Please Note: A board waiver does not automatically guarantee kitchen privileges in the student’s dormitory. Kitchen privileges are assigned based on availability.

Click here for the Board Waiver Form