On-Campus Dining Facilities

On-Campus Dining Facilities

Bon Appetit Management Company, our on-site restaurant/food service company, manages four eateries across the campus -- Plaza Dining Hall, Java Corner, MarketPlace and Rathskellar. Their philosophy is simple: food service for a sustainable future. This means cooking made from scratch menu's with seasonal ingredients from local food growers.

Made to Order

From vegetarian and vegan friendly, to made without gluten, diabetic to allergy --- Bon Appetit is cooking for many. They're rolling stocks, finishing sauces and roasting meats with an approach to food that allows them to provide fresh foods from whole ingredients. If you have a special dietary need, speak up and they'll help you find, or even prepare, foods to meet your needs. Please contact the manager, Giovanni Caporicci.

Do you have a Food Allergy? Religious Dietary Need? Are you Lactose Intolerant? Have Celiac Disease? Diabetes?

Bon Appetit takes food allergies very seriously. We are careful to train our staff on food allergy awareness issues, but because of the complexities of food allergies, we prefer to work individually with you on your specific dietary needs. Our on-site chef and/or manager will meet with you individually to develop a plan that may include special menu items, ingredient identification, special preparation, and communication to necessary staff to ensure that you can eat safely. You may also use our corporate registered dietician as a resource for food allergies.

Residence Life maintains a Kosher kitchen. The Kosher kitchen is available to students that follow a Kosher diet as part of their religious lifestyle. Please complete a Board Waiver with a note attached from your Rabbi and submit to Business and Support Services.

The University is trying to locate a reliable distributor of Halal meats. Any Muslim student that follows a strict Muslim diet as part of their religious lifestyle may receive a board waiver. Please complete a Board Waiver with a note attached from your Iman and submit to Business and Support Services.

Bon Appetit recognizes that many of our students have dietary restrictions or preferences. Our scratch-based cooking system means we have control over ingredients, allowing us to meet the needs of most special diets. We offer robust vegan, vegetarian and made without gluten programs, and have a rigorous protocol for handling various food allergens in line with Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) recommendations for restaurants. We are also here to help you manage your diet on an individual basis. We invite you to speak to your onsite cafe manager at any time about your needs.

Treats from Home Program

Can't be there to celebrate your student's birthday? Maybe you just want to wish them luck on an exam or say you miss them. Whatever the sentiment, Bon Appetit would like to help you express it. The Treats from Home Program is an easy and thoughtful way for you to show a student your encouragement and support. There are several package options: Birthday Wishes, Thinking of You, Pizza Party, The Bake Shop and Exam Cruncher.

For more information, go to Treats from Home Program website http://gallaudet.cafebonappetit.com To place your order, call 202-448-6913 (voice) or 202-250-2548 (VP).

Ask a Dietician

Do you have a question about foods that are served at Gallaudet? Have a special dietary question? Nutritional question? Contact a Bon Appetit registered dietician.

Please visit Bon Appétit website for schedule and menu information.