Student Meal Plans

Student Meal Plans

Gallaudet University offers a choice of four meal plans to all students. Students living on campus are required to have a meal plan.  Students living off campus, referred to as Commuter Students, are not required to have a meal plan.

Choosing Your Plan -- Block Meals Vs. Dining Dollars

Block meals are a fixed number of meals per semester that must be used by the end of the semester. Dining Dollars are a dollar amount that is used the same as cash, that are deducted from a non-refundable paid balance and can be used at all five dining facilities. Dining dollars are carried over from semester to semester and do not expire. Meals at the MarketPlace, Java Corner and Rathskeller are based on a la carte pricing and costs will be deducted accordingly. Students may also opt to use a block for a breakfast, lunch or dinner meal at the Rathskeller. You may use your block meals at the Plaza Dining Hall and Rathskeller only. Blocks do not transfer to the next semester, they expire at the end of each semester.

Additional dining dollars can be purchased through your Bison account. With a purchase of $150 to start, an additional 15% is added.

Meal Plan Options

Read the meal plan options carefully and make your selection during Business Registration. One block is equal to one meal. If you were to choose the 220 Block Meal Plan, you would have 220 meals for the semester. The Plaza Dining Hall is an all you care to eat facility, all of the time. You will swipe your ID to enter and will be charged one block. You will use a block each time you enter the dining hall. The Rathskeller offers a block meal for lunch and dinner. There are several options to choose from the menu, but it is not all you can eat, it is one plate of food, a drink and a dessert. The 190 block meal plan is the most popular plan. If you are uncertain which meal plan to choose, you can always contact Sherri Necessary, she will work with you to select the best meal plan based on your eating habits. Meal plans can be upgraded throughout the semester, just send an email to Sherri. The deadline for downgrading your meal plan is the last day of Business Registration, which is usually the Friday after classes start each semester.

Below are the different Meal Plan options:

  • 250 Block Meal Plan and $50 Dining Dollars -- Approximately 15 block meals per week
  • 220 Block Meal Plan and $50 Dining Dollars -- Approximately 13 block meals per week
  • 190 Block Meal Plan and $150 Dining Dollars -- Approximately 12 block meals per week *This plan will be assigned to students residing on campus that have not picked a plan.
  • 150 Block Meal Plan and $150 Dining Dollars -- Approximately 10 block meals per week 

For pricing of each plan, please click here

Students that live off campus may prefer the Dining Dollars only option. Students may add Dining Dollars by logging on to their Bison account, click Self Service and click the Dining Dollars tab. Dining Dollars are non refundable and do not expire. Meal plans do not include the winter break period between the fall and spring semesters, nor the spring break period during the spring semester (usually a week in mid-March), nor commencement week. All students are responsible for their meals during these periods. All meal plans expire at the end of each semester.