Our Mission

Standing on the University's strenghts in accessibility, linguistics, communication, and language development, the mission is to inspire a culture of entrepreneurship education.

Our Vision

Students at Gallaudet will foster an entrepreneurial mindset on campus and participate in a supportive environment that pushes them to think creatively. GIEI will provide students with a platform that is safe for smart experimentation as well as access to entrepreneur resources, workshops, competitions, internships, mentoring and networking opportunities throughout the academic year.

BisonTank Competition

The next BisonTank Business Competition will be March 9, 2022. This innovative event offers students an opportunity to build on their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit as well as the mindset required to be successful Changemakers. As well, it offers students the opportunity to explore ways to give back to the community through their innovative ideas.

  • Our Next Event: BisonTank Competition for Students, March 9, 2022

BisonTank Sign Up Bison Tank presentation