Gallaudet Interpreting Service

GIS is a renowned interpreting agency serving the Gallaudet community and the general Washington DC metropolitan area. GIS provides thousands of hours of interpreting services each year to the Gallaudet community and beyond.

Gallaudet University is committed to providing effective and high quality communication access services for all of its community members. Gallaudet students are encouraged to request communication access services for their classes that best fit their needs. For more information about the types of access provided in the classroom, see GIS STUDENT ACCESS SERVICES.

The team of GIS interpreters serving the Gallaudet campus are experienced and nationally certified. These professionals work in a variety of settings including classrooms, conferences, banquets, administrative meetings, job interviews and workshops. Interpreters interested in being a part of the GIS team may apply to be screened for on campus work by completing an INTERPERTER APPLICATION. There are additional opportunities for Interpreters to work off campus in community settings, internships, and at the Clerc Center. Interpreters may apply at this same link for these opportunities.

In addition to providing interpreting services, GIS is committed to advancing the interpreting profession as a whole and the individual skills of GIS interpreters and the GIS scheduling team to better serve our clients through a variety of PROGRAMS SERVICES AND WORKSHOPS.

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