Mission Statement

The mission of Gallaudet Interpreting Service (GIS) is to provide comprehensive information access through exemplary interpreting services.  The highest commitment of GIS is to meet the interpreting needs of the Gallaudet University community. Additionally, GIS is committed to being a model of interpreting excellence both locally and nationwide.

Vision Statement


GIS is a collaborating partner department for the University’s success. We are active participants in all University endeavors, including the Gallaudet mission, Gallaudet Strategic Plan, Bilingual Mission, educational and research goals of the University, student learning objectives for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as meeting K-12 communication needs for the Clerc Center.

Quality of work life

GIS provides a rewarding work life for its staff. GIS staff and accomplishments are valued, respected, and supported. The environment is healthy (physically and emotionally), inclusive, transparent, welcoming, positive, friendly, and supportive.

Work processes

GIS staff use transparent work processes to ensure outstanding service provision to consumers and partner departments. GIS staff maintain clear and timely communications with consumers and partnering departments and approach all assignments with a consumer-focused attitude to optimize communication access.


  • GIS provides the highest level of customer satisfaction by meeting the University's needs for communication access with highly qualified professional interpreters, and by striving to fulfill every request for services.
  • GIS upholds the highest standards of professional ethics and conduct by adhering to the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct, and through the support and application of professional standard practices.
  • GIS maintains visual communication through the use of American Sign Language [ASL] in all practical aspects of personal and professional communication.
  • GIS models excellence in the field of interpreting through its actions and in support of professional development locally and nationally by offering diverse training opportunities for sign language interpreters.
  • GIS maintains a sustainable resource base to support outstanding customer service and allows GIS to be a model of interpreting excellence.