Mentoring for Interpreting Students

The Results! Mentoring program has a long-standing relationship with the Gallaudet Department of Interpretation. GIS staff and freelance interpreters provide mentorships to MAI student interpreters.

GIS interpreters are paired with MAI students through a process which considers the skill sets, needs and goals of each student. The mentor provides 30 hours of mentorship to the student over the course of two semesters (as long as the MAI student is enrolled in Professional Practicum courses). Mentoring is a process that allows for the mentee to transition from a student role into a more independent and autonomous interpreter. This transition is most effective when students are willing to take risks, participate actively, ask questions, explore answers, and communicate openly. All interested students in their second year must complete an MAI Mentoring Application (this application will be sent to you via email).

If you have questions or concerns about MAI mentoring, please contact Jamie Yost at