All requests for GTS services listed here must be submitted through IT Service Desk.

All prices listed here are subject to change without notice.

Network Services:

- New Network Jack (first 2)* Free (provided by GTS)
- Additional Network Jacks (2 jacks)* $235 per year**

Note*: per person per office
Note**: for maintenance and support services

Telephone Services:

- Single-Line Analog Telephone No Charge
- Multi-Line Digital Telephone $450
- Polycom Conference Telephone $800
- Install/Move Circuit $235
- Telephone Setup/Activation $25
- Visual Flasher $15
- Phone Line Service Charge $33

Virtual Server Fees:

Annual cost will be $1000.00 billed at beginning of each fiscal year (FY) for the following basic configuration:

vRAM (virtual RAM): 2 GB
vCPU (virtual CPU): 1
Base C drive size: 40 GB
Operating System: Windows 2008 R2 or RedHat Enterprise Linux 6
System maintenance including operating system updates
Basic system monitoring
Firewall Protection
Antivirus Protection
Backup - once a day with data retained for 4 weeks
Remote Access

One-time set up fee of $500.00. Annual cost will be prorated for each quarter depending on when server is set up.  Contact Helpdesk for custom configuration