Blackboard "Early Alert" and "Office Hours"

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Starfish is a leading provider of student success systems.

Harnessing the power of the academic community, our software solutions engage, motivate and graduate your students -

securing valuable tuition revenue for your institution. You'll agree that every student deserves a chance at success. We can help you give that chance, one student at a time.

Starfish EARLY ALERT is an early warning and student tracking system that makes it possible for you, as an instructor, to easily identify at-risk students before they withdraw. What otherwise is a labor-intensive, manual process, the system collates and assesses student performance information automatically submitted by instructors, advisors and campus staff - giving you a holistic view of which students are struggling.

Know Which Students Need Help

Academic performance is the best indicator that a student is possibly in trouble. Identifying at-risk students in time to be effective requires that you use the information the first day there is a sign of a problem.

By working with Blackboard, Starfish EARLY ALERT automatically raises a flag for a student based on grades, assignment tardiness and/or online activity, according to thresholds that are set by you.

At the same time, not every instructor uses course management systems and not every problem is academic. So, Starfish EARLY ALERT enables individual instructors, advisors, coaches and residence hall directors to report concerns that they observe, such as missing class, change in appearance, or disruptive behavior.

Immediately Communicate Concerns to the Right People

Communicating information about a student requires a system that is both immediate and secure. Starfish EARLY ALERT sends real-time email notifications to the individual(s) that have been specified based on the type of flag raised and the recipient's role in relation to the student. In addition, Starfish EARLY ALERT addresses FERPA laws without inappropriately limiting communication.

Starfish CONNECT ("OFFICE HOURS" in your Blackboard), a support networking system, facilitates contact between students and their instructors, advisors and counselors. The system encourages students to engage more deeply in their academic lives by connecting them to the people and resources already in place to help them succeed.

Increase Access Through Online Scheduling

The system facilitates online scheduling, whether for in-person office hours with an instructor, a call with a disability specialist, or a meeting with a financial aid counselor-including text message reminders.

Promote Support Resources Designed to Help Students

Starfish CONNECT compiles a personalized rolodex of everyone who can help the student and a searchable catalog of services that have helped other students-with endorsements by the students themselves. Instructors can use the system to refer students to the right services without the instructors having to know all the details of each service.