OneDrive @ Gallaudet University

OneDrive logo OneDrive @ Gallaudet University is now available to Gallaudet and Clerc Center communities.  This is a Microsoft OneDrive for Business product, which uses different storage service than Microsoft's consumer service, simply called OneDrive.

Important notes on OneDrive @ Gallaudet University:

  • For Students:  Available only while enrolled at Gallaudet University and Clerc Center K-12 schools.
  • For Faculty/Staff:  Available only while employed at Gallaudet University and Clerc Center K-12 schools.
  • Every user receives 1 TB storage space.

How can I use OneDrive @ Gallaudet University?

    • Web Browser:  Visit and sign in with your Gallaudet email address as "Work or school account".
      • Quick and easy to upload and download files via web browser.
      • Drag-n-drop support is limited to files only.  For folders, use "Upload" > 'Folder' drop-down menu.
      • Works with latest version of Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
      • Screenshot of web-based version:
        screenshot of web-based onedrive
    • Software:  File synchronization tool for computers, tablets and smartphones
      • OneDrive app is available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.
      • Files and folders in cloud and device storages are always synchronized.
      • Ideal for mobile devices and individual's personal and office computers.
      • Not ideal for public and shared computers, (labs, classrooms, kiosks, others).
      • Screenshots of Mac and Windows versions:
      • onedrive device-based mac versiononedrive device-based windows version
      • Download from for Windows 7 and 8
      • Windows 10 has OneDrive already built-in.
        • Important notes for mobile devices:
          • Do not install "OneDrive for Business" app because this is for use with old version of Sharepoint website.  This app will eventually disappear from App stores. 
          • Search for "Microsoft OneDrive" in your mobile App store, and install it.
          • Sign in with your Gallaudet email address as "Work or School account" type.

      • Gallaudet Intranet website:
        • Available only as internal department documents storage.
        • Based on Sharepoint and OneDrive technologies, (slightly different than personal OneDrive above).
        • Web-based storage which is similar to mapped drive (S, T, V...drives).
        • Only in Internet Explorer 11, mapped drive is available.
        • screenshot of internal department storage in university intranet
        • Departments will need to submit a Help Desk request to have their department listed in Gallaudet Intranet website with internal documents storage.

Please contact Help Desk when you have issues with OneDrive @ Gallaudet Univeristy.

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