Configuring eduroam on Android

Setting up an Android device for eduroam involves two steps.  The first step is installing the eduroam app for your Android device.  It is available here

Eduroam Android app in Google Play Store

After installing the eduroam app, you need to open the CAT web page to create the configuration for the app.  On your device, click here to open the configuration creator.

Top of Android CAT page

Verify that the correct version of Android is selected, then scroll down:

Image of "Download" button for eduroam Android app

The installer will ask you for your user name and password.  Be sure to include "" at the end of your user name.

User credentials window

After filling out the password, press the "Install" button.

Install button view of eduroam app

The installer will complete and display the current configuration:

Android eduroam installation complete