Configuring eduroam on iOS

Using CAT to configure your iPad or iPhone for eduroam makes the process simple and straightforward.  On your device, click here to open the installer.

1) Click on the button that says "Download your eduroam installer".

eduroam CAT iOS download

2) Wait for the download to begin.

eduroam download is starting

3) A pop-up window will provide the details of the eduroam-related certificates that are about to be installed.  Click "Install" in the upper right corner of the window.

eduroam certificate information

4) You will be asked to enter your user name.  It should be the same as your e-mail address, for example "".

enter your user name

5) You will be asked to enter your password.  It is the same as your e-mail password.

enter your password

6) It will tell you it has installed the profile.  Click done.  Your device should then join the "eduroam" SSID.

configuration is finished -- click "done" to continue