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Content Management

image: content collection: my contentWhen your contents and files are scattered across disparate systems and hard drives, it's often hard to find, use and catalog. The Blackboard content management feature resides on one central, integrated platform. Intuitive and easy to use, our solution makes it easier for you to find, share and reuse learning content. You will save time spent on managing group and individual access across multiple storage solutions.

You are busy and don't have time to recreate content for every section of a course. In the past, when one version was changed, the same updates had to be made to each document. Within Blackboard Learn, however, once learning content is created, it is automatically applied throughout your courses. When you want to update content, it's done just once and updated throughout your coursework.

Blackboard's content management technology directly addresses the challenges associated with disparate systems and hard drives that make delivery and storage of your content and files tricky. Simply put, Blackboard offers you an elegant way to handle the challenge of growing educational content.

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