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Supporting Educator Efficiency

Our Blackboard course/organization tools give faculty and staff the freedom to focus on teaching and learning techniques. By continually improving the course/organization workflow, you’ll enable educators and staff to spend less time on administrative details and more time on student success, achievement, and retention.

  • Manage content at the course level 
  • Course/organization files eliminate redundancy and simplify the management of content updates. 
  • Grade in context with more options 
  • Improved grading enables flexible and consistent grading to be done in parallel with the review process. 
  • Create assessments in less time 
  • Assessment Manager reduces the amount of time needed to create assessments with improved search functionality. 
  • Provide intuitive online structure 
  • Learning Modules – Table of Contents guide students through a structured learning experience. 
  • Ease management of learning content 
  • Content Management module enhancements easily upload and manage content across courses and organizations. 
  • Enhance communication 
  • The Blackboard Connect™ platform integration delivers a simple and proven tool that enables the creation of personalized and customizable messages. 
  • Monitor Activity and Progress 
  • Instructor Dashboard monitors activity and progress by aggregating and filtering key course information so students and educators can see what’s new and what needs attention through the lens of fresh activity.

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Courses at Gallaudet

All courses at Gallaudet are created and managed by the Registrar's Office. Each academic department must submit their semester course offerings to the Registrar's office before each semester begins. Each course offering should have an instructor already assigned to it. The course offerings are fed into the Bison system by the Registrar's office staff. 

My.Gallaudet (Blackboard) will read the Bison data and create course shells accordingly prior to the start of each semester. If you find a course shell missing or in error, please contact the Registrar's office or send a request via our Help Desk. We will track your request into resolution.

Organizations at Gallaudet

All organizations at Gallaudet are created and managed by the Help Desk. If you are interested in creating an organization site in Bb for your purpose, or if  you find an organization information to be in error, please contact the Help Desk. We will track your request into resolution.

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