Adobe eSign Services

Adobe Document Cloud eSign services is the electronic signature which speeds up the document signing process.  The eSign services in Adobe Document Cloud allows users to go from send to signed in a matter of minutes; keep track of documents every step of the way; and never have to bother with printing, faxing, or filing papers.


Legally and securely send documents for signatures online as easy as sending an email

  • Keep real-time track of document status throughout the signing process
  • Conveniently sign documents using any web browser anywhere and anytime

Getting an Account for Adobe eSign

Adobe Document Cloud eSign services is available for the Gallaudet community.  Only users creating (or Originating) documents that need electronic signatures will need access using their Gallaudet credentials. Signers do not require access to this system in order to sign documents.

Log in

You can access eSign from my.gallaudet (Services link under Key Links-Quick Access) or at If you are already logged into my.gallaudet, you will not have to log in again to use eSign. If you have not logged into my.gallaudet, you will be prompted to enter your Gallaudet username and password.

Activating your new eSign account

You will be sent a verification email. If you have not received one, please sent a ticket to Help Desk.

Getting Started Video Tutorials

Quick How-To Documentation
Cancel a transaction There are many reasons why you would want to cancel an agreement that is out for signature or waiting for your signature. Only the sender of a document can cancel it. Once a transaction has been canceled, it cannot be resent. Canceling is a permanent action.
Agreement statuses Agreements can have various statuses. They are categorized on the Manage page and all agreements are sorted into these various sections. You can filter by status and you can also search by status.
Share an agreement with another user The sender of a document can share an agreement with any other individual. This functionality is useful for managers, or people who must see transactions that have been sent out.
Viewing the agreement audit trail Once a transaction is sent, you can see who performed what action and when in the agreement history. This information is updated as each new event occurs and provides details on each event.
Replace a signer on a transaction If you've sent an agreement to someone who is unavailable to sign, or if you've sent it to the wrong email address, you can get the document to the right person by replacing the signer.
Add a note to a transaction Once the transaction is sent, you can add a note that only you can see. This note is only visible to the user who entered it, and only on the Notes tab.

eSign Guidelines General Support 

For eSign services updates, check here: Release Notes

You will need Adobe Reader to view these PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat reader is free software that can be downloaded from the Adobe Reader website.