TurningPoint for Microsoft Powerpoint

TurningPoint is an award-winning audience response solution, in conjunction with ResponseCard® keypads (clickers), creates a wireless audience response and voting system that enables educators, trainers and presenters to develop and administer real-time assessments of participants from within Microsoft® PowerPoint®. Transform your next presentations into a wireless audience response tool that can seamlessly identify and confirm participant understanding, increase participant attentiveness, and gather, rank and report critical information simultaneously in real-time.

TurningPoint provides further analysis of audience response data via reports that easily move data into preformatted MS Excel® and MS Word® templates. Sharing information is made simple through the TurningPoint response solution.

TurningPoint's unique design allows it to seamlessly operate with the leading hardware products and education content solutions and productivity tools like Word, Excel, and Blackboard.

Product Highlights

  • Easy Installation - Plug and play hardware setup 
  • Native to Microsoft PowerPoint 
  • Customize your presentations with graphs, countdown timers and correct answer indicators 
  • Multiple post-session reporting options 

If you are interested in this solution, contact your eLearning Facilitator or send a request via Help Desk.