Gallaudet University is using Fuze to provide an excellent video and audio web conferencing service to the Gallaudet community. Fuze can provide up to 12 video streaming participants and up to 100 audio-only participants. Fuze also can support whiteboard sharing, desktop sharing and presentation sharing.

NOTE: To have the best quality during a call with Fuze, be on a wired network connection. If you are using WIFI network , it will not be the best quality.

NOTE: You do not need an account to join a meeting with Fuze!

Join a Meeting

There are two ways you can join a Fuze meeting as an Attendee. You can join with a link that may have been emailed to you or you can manually enter the Meeting Room Number to join.

To Join using a Meeting Room Link:

  • Simply click on the link provided to you. (Example: http://fuze.me/12345678)

To Join using the Meeting Room Number:

  • Open the Fuze app.
  • Click "Join Meeting".

    Fuze Login Page: Blue background with skyline image and login fields

  • Type in (or paste in) the meeting room number and enter your name.

    Fuze Login Page: Blue background with skyline image and login fields

Note: The Meeting Room Number can always be found at the end of a meeting room link.

Please select the appropriate service below for your current needs.

DOWNLOAD: Save yourself and Gallaudet's valuable time and resources by collaborating with anyone in the world over safe, reliable, HD video and audio conferencing. Fuze has apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Click here to download appropriate software for your computer or device.

FUZE 101: USER GUIDES & FAQs: From log in to sign out and everything in between, Fuze 101 will catch you up so you can use Fuze in no time. Click here to see their user guides and FAQs.

FUZE SUPPORT: If you have more questions and/or need help resolving your issue, Fuze Forum, FAQs and Support are available 24/7. Please visit this page for further assistance.

If you need assistance and/or training with using Fuze other than what's available above, please contact the Help Desk.