eLearning Center


We are delighted to welcome our faculty, teachers and students to the Office of eLearning. We are eager to assist you with the design, development, and use of technology in individual courses as well as full distance learning programs. We look forward to working with you on adding engaging and media-rich content using a variety of innovative technology tools in your course. We are here to work with you individually and in faculty cohorts to explore innovative avenues of course and program design and delivery.

The eLearning Center provides:

  1. Support and guidance of use of technology and online course development and implementation
  2. Consultation (for face to face, fully online, or hybrid courses, technology integration, etc.)
  3. Assistance with use of technology in online courses (before, during, and/or after the course has launched)
  4. Partner with on-campus teams that support faculty.

We are located in Merrill Learning Center in room B205. Our VP number is 202-846-8078. Our normal business hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, so stop by and see us!