What happened to my Scroll bars?

Resolution for Mac users when trying to use the Grade Center in Blackboard, then can't find the scroll bars... here's how to resolve...

Always Show Scroll Bars in Mac OS X

The scrollbars in new versions of OS X are hidden until activated by use, that is, by scrolling, making them invisible by default. This is the new default behavior that works very well if you primarily use a trackpad with your Mac. I use an external mouse with my Mac quite often though, and I find the hidden scrollbars to be annoying when I do. That's my reason for bringing them back, but other people just like to see when content is available that needs to be scrolled to access.

This quick tip will make users who wish to constantly see available scrolling portions happy, by displaying the scroll bars all the time in Mac OS X.

How to Set Scroll Bars to Display All the Time in Mac OS X

This will make the scroll bars always display when there is content within windows that must be scrolled to access, it applies to all windows and all apps on the Mac:

  1. Launch System Preferences from the  Apple menu
  2. Click on the "General" settings panel
  3. Look for 'Show scroll bars' and select the radio button next to "Always"
  4. Close out of System Preferences when finished

How to Always Show Scroll Bars in Mac OS X