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Navigating to Faculty/Advisor Self Service

Faculty Self Service - Class Permissions Entry

Class Permissions Entry

Overloading Closed Class Permissions

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating to Faculty/Advisor Self Service

Once you are logged into PeopleSoft, the screen will look like this:

Log-in Screen

Now, Click on Self Service hyperlink.
Result: The Faculty/Advisor Self Service page with sub-menu choices appear as below:

Self Service Window

Faculty Self Service Class Permissions Entry

The Faculty Center under the Self Service menu is the main page for class schedules, class roster, class permissions and grade entry. Once the permissions are entered here, they have to be saved otherwise the Registrar's Office will not be able to view the permissions.

For questions about Self Service, contact the Registrar's Office at or 202-651-5393 TTY/voice.


Class Permissions Entry

  1. In the Faculty/Advisor Self Service page click on "Faculty Center" hyperlink. You can click on either the Faculty Center hyperlink in the left navigation portal or on the page. Both hyperlinks will navigate to the Faculty Center page. A sample Faculty Center page is given below:

    Screenshot of a revised grade entry.
  2. The Faculty Center will automatically list your class schedule for the current term. The class schedule will include links for details of the class roster, grade roster, and class permissions for each class. The class permissions are indicated by the A green check in a box. icon.

    Click on a class's corresponding Class Permission icon to begin setting permissions for the class. A sample Class Permissions page is shown below:
    Screenshot of revised classes.
  3. If you know the student's ID number, you can enter it directly in the ID field:

    Screenshot of an ID dialog form.

    Once you tab out of the field, if the ID is valid then PeopleSoft will display the Student's name:

    ID of a bogus student named Clinton, Hillary.
  4. If you do not know the student's ID, you can click on the magnifying glass to find the student's ID. Click on the and the look up page appears:

    Screenshot of a Bison Look Up ID form.

    Enter the first few letters of the student's last name.

    Screenshot of a Look Up ID form with Last Name partially filled in.

    Click on the A button saying Look Up. button. All the students with matching last names will appear:

    Screenshot of Look Up ID name results with partial Last Name search.

    Click on the desired student's name. You will be taken back to the Permissions entry page and the student's name and ID will appear in the appropriate fields:

    Screenshot of class permission data.
  5. The Expiration Date field appears with a default date. The default date is set for the first day of classes for the semester. The Registrar's Office will not allow students to register online after the first day of classes. If the student wishes to register for a course after the first day of classes, he/she will have to add the course using the Add/Drop Form and obtain your signature for permission to register.

    You can change the date on the Expiration Date field to a date of your preference to give the student a deadline to register for the course. If you do not plan to assign a deadline to the student, leave the Expiration Date field with its value of default date as it is.

    If the student has not yet registered before the deadline (the deadline, if any, is up for you to decide), the course permission will go to the student next in line. If you decide to change the date, it is very important to know exactly when the student's enrollment appointment is and to be sure the deadline given is after the student's enrollment appointment.
  6. To grant permission to another student, click the A button with the plus symbol. button to insert another row. Another row appears in the class permission list:

    Screenshot of a class permission list for students.
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6.
  8. If you need to remove a student's permissions, click the A button with a minus icon. button to remove that row. A confirmation message to delete that row will appear:

    Screenshot of a pop-up delete dialog box.

    Click OK.
  9. Click the A button saying Save. button after you are finished with adding or removing student IDs. After this step, the Registrar's Office will be able to view the permissions set by you.
  10. To select another class to grant permissions for, go back to the Faculty Center and select the class.
  11. Once a student has completed the registration process, your Class Permissions page will be updated to indicate the date the student registered:

    Screenshot of the class permissions page.

    *Used means that the student has already registered for the class.
    *Not Used means the student has not yet registered for the class.

    If your class capacity is full and you do not want to overload any students to your class, remove the Not Used rows. If the Not Used rows are not removed, then other student will be able to overload into your class.
    Click A button with a minus icon on it. to remove the rows of the students you wish to withdraw permission from. Only remove the 'Not used' rows if you wish to prevent overloads.
  12. Click the A button saying Save. button.
  13. To print out a specific Class's Permission lists first navigate to its Permissions page, from your browser's File menu, select Print (or click the Print icon on your toolbar). Select your desired printer and click Print.

    Note: If your print-out is cutting off information, you need to adjust your browser page setup margins. From your browser's File Menu, select Page Setup. Change the right and left margins to .25 and click OK. Depending on your printer, you may have to adjust the margin settings to include all your information.

Overloading Closed Class Permissions

To overload permission for a specific student, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Click the Closed Class checkbox to allow the student to enroll in a full or closed class. A sample page is shown below:
    Screenshot of a closed class permission.
  2. To grant permissions to another student, click the A button with a plus icon on it. button to insert another row and repeat steps 1 to 3. 
  3. Once you have finished granting the permissions, click the A button saying Save. button and the student(s) will be allowed to enroll in a full/closed class.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if I have trouble resetting my password?

    Contact for assistance.
  2. What if I have a class missing from my list, have students missing from my grade roster or any other questions regarding the content of class permission entry?

    Contact the Registrar's Office at or 202-651-5393 TTY/voice.