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PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.0

Navigating to Faculty/Advisor Self Service

Faculty Self Service

Online Grade Entry

List of Valid Grades

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating to Faculty/Advisor Self Service

Once you are logged into PeopleSoft, the screen will look like this:

Menu box

Now, Click on Self Service hyperlink.

Result: The Faculty/Advisor Self Service page with sub-menu choices appear as below:

Self Service

Faculty Self Service

The Faculty Center under the Self Service menu is the main page for class schedules, class roster and grade entry.

Once the grades are entered here, they have to be submitted electronically to the Registrar's Office to be posted officially.

For questions about Self Service, contact the Registrar's Office at or 202-651-5393 TTY/voice.

Online Grade Entry

  1. In the Faculty/Advisor Self Service page click on "Faculty Center" hyperlink. You can click on either the Faculty Center hyperlink in the left navigation portal or on the page. Both hyperlinks will navigate to the Faculty Center page. A sample Faculty Center page is given below:

    Grade Entry
  2. The Faculty Center will automatically list your class schedule for the current term. The class schedule will include the class roster and grade roster for each class. The Grade Roster is indicated by the Icon of a person pointing at a billboard. icon.

    Click on a class's corresponding Grade Roster icon to begin entering grades for the class. A sample Grade Roster is shown below:
    Grade Roster
  3. When you enter the Grade Roster page, the mid-term Grade Roster will be the default type. If you would like to enter the final grade, change the Grade Roster type to Final Grade using the list-box as shown below:

    Faculty Center - Grade Roster
  4. To enter the grades for a student, select the appropriate grade from the drop down list box under "Grade In". The list of valid grades and their values are given in Page 11.

    In the sample screen below, Joe Hachem is assigned a grade of B:

    Student Grade
    If a failing grade is assigned, the system will automatically redirect you to the F Grade Note page to allow you to enter attendance details. You will need to select either Attend Full Semester or Stopped Attending box. If you select the Stopped Attending box, you will be required to enter a date when you think the student stopped attending. The date must be in mm/dd/yyyy format. A sample F Grade Note page is below: F Grade Note
  5. After the grades for all students have been entered, review the grades carefully. Once you click the Submit to Register button, the grades cannot be changed without Registrar's approval. Once you have reviewed all the grades and are ready to submit the grades to the Registrar's Office, click the Submit to Registerbutton. A confirmation message will appear saying the grades have been submitted to the Registrar's Office:

    Grades have been submitted
  6. To print out the grades, click the Printer Friendly Version button and from your browser's File menu, select Print (or click the Print icon on your toolbar). Select your desired printer and click Print.

    Note: If your print-out is cutting off information, you need to adjust your browser page setup margins. From your browser's File Menu, select Page Setup. Change the right and left margins to .25 and click OK. Depending on your printer, you may have to adjust the margin settings to include all your information.
  7. To enter the grades for another class, click the Return button to return the main page of Faculty Center and click on the class's corresponding Grade Roster link.
  8. Repeat the grade entry process and submit the grades to the Registrar's Office.

List of Valid Grades

Faculty can only assign grades of A, B, B+, C, C+, D, D+, and F. All other grades are restricted grades that can only be assigned by the Registrar's Office.

Valid Grades

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if I have trouble resetting my password?

    Contact for help.
  2. What if I have a class missing from my list, have students missing from my grade roster or any other questions regarding the content of online grade entry?

    Contact the Registrar's Office at or (202)-651-5393 TTY/voice.
  3. Can I save the grades and submit them to the Registrar at a later time?

    Yes, click the Save button on the Grade Roster page and the grades will be stored in the system. They will not be submitted to the Registrar's Office until you click the Submit to Registrar button.