Support during coronavirus situation

GTS is committed to provide  as much support as we can to you wherever you are. If you have any technology issues, questions, needs, please contact us via the IT Service Desk. If you do not have access to a computer or to Wi-Fi service, we can help. More information about equipment loans. Faculty and staff can also, with consultation with their budget unit heads, bring their office computers home. More information can be found in the previous link.


Gallaudet University students may bring their desktops/laptops to Computer Support Services (CSS), located in HMB W121, with the understanding that CSS will guide the students on how to fix their computer problems. Students must have a validation sticker for the current semester to receive services.

Maintenance Services

CSS will provide maintenance services to help students' computer run more efficiently. We perform 30-minute system diagnosis. We will show students how to use the results to improve system performance and perform routine maintenance task such as Microsoft Windows updates and virus scans. We will also show students how to check for adware and spyware.

Hardware Services

We will show students how to install hard drives, random access memory (RAM), and network interface cards. Students are responsible for purchasing replacement parts such as power supplies, hard drives, memory, etc. We will tell students what they need to get.

Software Installation and Upgrades

We have campus licenses for Microsoft XP, Microsoft Office 2007, and Symantec Anti-Virus. If students have an Apple Macintosh computer, we can install Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac and Symantec Anti-Virus for Mac. If students wish to upgrade their Microsoft Windows operating system, they must authenticate their existing Windows installation. Students can do this by providing the original CD and/or product key.

Gallaudet University students and employees are eligible for discounts through Dell and Apple.  Further information can be found on the GTS ServiceNow Catalog page.

Staff and Faculty

Gallaudet University staff and faculty members may submit a request for technology assistance through the  IT Service Desk. The Computer Support Services (CSS) unit is responsible for providing technical support for University-managed computer equipment. University-managed computer equipment is equipment purchased with University funds, is under manufacturer warranty or less than four-years old, and is a member of the campus domain. Out of warranty equipment will be handled on a case-by-case basis. NOTE: Computer equipment purchased with personal funds is not eligible for support.

Computer purchases using university funds or those interested in purchasing computers through the Dell Employee Purchasing Program should contact the IT Service Desk.