Identity Finder searches for questionable or curious information stored locally on workstation hard drives.  Regular scans are performed and reports provided to workstation owners and department managers.  Detailed review and, as necessary, securing and/or removal of data is a user activity.  

According to the Gallaudet University T1.Information Security Agreement (ISA) and Gallaudet Technology Services Information Security Guidelines Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is defined as information that is a subset of individual and student information, including demographic, financial, or sensitive information collected from an individual and:

  • That identifies the individual; or
  • With respect to which there is a reasonable basis to believe the information can be used to identify the individual.

Examples of PII data include date of birth, full name, National Identification Number, Driver's License Number, birthplace, credit card numbers, login name and many more. For more information perform a Google search on PII.

In addition, Protected Health Information (PHI) is defined as a subset of personally identifiable information maintained in permanent health records and/or other clinical documentation in either paper-based or electronic format. There are 18 identifiers of PHI which include names, geographic data, all elements of dates, and so on.

Information regarding data retention and storage can be found using this link to GTS Data Backup webpage.

Guidelines on employee access and responsibilities with regards to PII and PHI data are also outlined in the T1 ISA that all employees of Gallaudet University must sign as an acknowledgment to follow these guidelines. The main responsibility and the focus of this document is to "Maintain the confidentiality of information to which I am given access privileges."  

In offices known to use and maintain personal information, the Identity Finder application has been installed to assist in auditing the storage of this data on local workstations.  As there are valid uses of PII, it is the duty of both Management and associated responsible staff to identify and maintain this data in a secure fashion, be that relocation of files to a secure network share, locally securing the data via encryption or removing/destroying files that are no longer needed.

Identity Finder End User's Guide

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