Network Access

We provide wired or wireless to access Gallaudet network. As for wireless, you will need to select the appropriate wireless SSID called BisonNet or ClercNet.

All Residence Hall are required to register their network devices through wired.

Benson Hall
Clerc Hall
Carlin Hall
Kendal Apartment
Ballard West Hall
Peet Hall
Living & Learning Residence Hall
Denison House
Ballard House
Fay House

Any device (e.g. computers, laptops, mobile devices, etc) will need to login on the Gallaudet network. Your device may need to undergo validation checks to ensure that you meet our security requirements before you will gain access to the Gallaudet network.

We recommend all devices comply with the following, whenever possible:

  • Running a current version of the software (operating system or firmware).
  • Use antivirus software.
  • Use a firewall.
  • All accounts should have a password to log in.

Devices that are not in compliance with our security requirements may be blocked from accessing the Gallaudet network until the device is in compliance.

Please go to one of the following for additional information about Gallaudet Network:

If you have any comments about the system, please contact the Gallaudet Helpdesk.