Room Reservation FAQs

Who can reserve a room online?

Faculty, staff, and students can make a room reservation online. 

Why does 25Live appear to be running slowly?

The browser used to access 25Live can affect performance.  The recommended browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari.

I am trying to request a location that doesn't appear to be in 25Live.  What should I do?

It may be that the location you are trying to request is unavailable on the date/time that you are requesting.  Also, while all locations are in 25Live, not all locations are available to request by all users.  Some locations require special approvals or accommodations.  Please send an email to to obtain more specific information.

How do I create a recurring event?

You may submit an event with multiple dates as long as the dates you are requesting are all within the same semester.  In the Event Date and Time Field make sure that your start and end date is the same.  The Same Day box should always be checked.   You will have the option to add recurring dates in the "Event Repeats?" drop down menu.  Select "Repeats Ad Hoc " to select additional dates for your request. 

What is my Event Reference ID?

Each event request submitted in 25Live will be assigned an Event Reference ID.  This number is specific to your event.  The Reference ID will include the year, a hyphen and 6 letters.  It is important that you keep the Reference ID for your event.  This number is the best way to keep track of your event whether you are checking your event in 25Live or contacting Registrar's Office ( regarding your event. 

How can I check the status of my event?

You can check the status of your event at any time in 25Live.  From the home dashboard go to the Quick Search box and type your Event Reference ID into the Event Search Tab.  You can then check your event status and any pending assignment/approval requests.  You can also contact us either by email ( or go to Registrar's Office (Chapel Hall 102), or email ( or go to Campus Activities (JSAC 1000) during office hours (M-F, 9 am - 4:30 pm) to check the status of your event.  Please be sure to have your Event Reference ID. 

How do I cancel my event?

Please email the Registrar's Office at and or Campus Activities at with a request to cancel.  Please be sure to include your Event Reference ID.

How do I indicate a preferred classroom?

If you are a faculty, you wish to have a preferred classroom for your classes, please contact Ericka Brown at

How do I call you?

You can contact Ericka Brown who handles room reservations at Registrar's Office at 202-250-2198.

Can outside organizations reserve rooms/space?

Yes, for outside organizations to reserve a room on Gallaudet campus, please contact Davina Kwong Yu, Director, Campus Business Development at or 202-759-5686.

Do you need tables and chairs for your event?

The Distribution Center must be notified with three days notice in advance. Please contact the Distribution Center at

How do I report a problem with the room?

If there are problems with regular lighting, boards, temperature, tables, desks, or chairs (broken or need to replace). Please report to Facilities Department and Registrar's Office at and

Do you need technology set up or assistance?

Please submit a Help Desk request at