Gallaudet Technology Services (GTS) is committed to keeping the campus community up to date on the status of ongoing technology projects. Here you can review the status of active or proposed projects. GTS collaborates with clients in academic, operations, and administrative units across the campus to determine the scope and budgets of projects, define resources and schedules, and manage the delivery of work and products. New projects must be submitted using the Technology Project Request Form and are subject to review and approval. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks of lead time for the review process.

GTS uses the design, build, and run model for each project:

Three progressively smaller interconnected blue arrows. Top and largest one says Design, Mid arrow says Build, smallest and last arrow says Run.
  • Design: project assessment, scope and resource definition, and project planning
  • Build: implementation, documentation, operationalization, and delivery of product
  • Run: ongoing maintenance, upgrades, support, and training

Project Request Criteria:

Projects that involve any of the following criteria will be required to go through the request and review process:

  • Available funds: Hardware, software and/or materials purchase in excess of $5,000 or any technology purchase that would require agreement to a contract through University's contracts and purchasing department (including online agreements to terms and conditions)
  • Available resources: Requires more than 30 hours of GTS staff time to assist with project activities such as requirements, development, testing, configuration, implementation or ongoing maintenance
  • ANY Gallaudet data that is sent to a third party
  • Requires integration/interfaces or other communication with existing systems - or has anticipated future communication with Gallaudet systems (including single sign-on integration)
  • Requires custom extracts from existing systems
  • Requires a change in the current business process(es)
  • Involves offices that are beyond your own unit (cross-departmental or divisional)
  • Project scheduling - based on all of the above criteria

Request a New Project

Project Lists:

  • For any questions related to current IT Projects, please contact GTS Projects team through our IT Service Desk.


    GTS is responsible for day-to-day operations (data/network security, helpdesk/technology service and training/learning service). Project requests are to help GTS identify, determine feasibility (based on resource availability), prioritize, and balance scheduling of tasks for GTS staff and the Gallaudet community (university and Clerc Center).

    For GTS, a project is any technology task that is expected to take 30 or more hours of GTS staff (two or more people) to complete.

    A task is a simple job that doesn't require more than one person and has no effect on any other tasks in process. A project usually requires more GTS resources (several people and more hours of activities such as: teamwork, development, testing, implementation and maintenance).

    The status of active and proposed projects is listed here. You can also contact your project leader.

Submit your questions about Technology Projects via Help Desk at