GTS provides telephone services for Faculty and Staff members.  If you have any questions about your Gallaudet telephone service, please submit a request to the Help Desk or by calling (202) 651-5044.

Most requests through the Help Desk are handled within two business days.  Service requests for inoperable phones have a higher priority and are addressed typically handled within one business day.

Accessing Pinnacle (Telephone Billing Records)

If you are a Budget Unit Head, you will be able to review telephone charges within your department. Please submit a request with the Help Desk and ask for access to Pinnacle.

Move from one room to another

If you are moving from one room to another on campus, the request will be treated as a new installation and there will be costs associated with the move.  To request relocation of your phone service, please contact the Help Desk with your phone number, the current building and room number and where you are moving to.

New Telephone Line

Please request a new telephone line through the Help Desk with your building and room number. There will be a fee associated for the new telephone line and and phone.

Service / Repair Requests

Please submit your request through the Help Desk if you are having problems with your telephone.  Some issues can be resolved externally and there may be occasions where you will need to be in your room to provide access to the phone technician. 

Telecommunications Charges

Each University department is responsible for any telecommunications activity incurred through the use of telephones assigned to the department.  The University telephone equipment records each off-campus telephone number dialed.  This calling information is processed to determine long-distance, local message-unit and directory and operator assistance charges.