Email Accounts

Gallaudet University students, faculty, teachers, staff, professor emeriti, and members of the Board of Trustees may have individual electronic mail (email) accounts for as long as they are affiliated with the university. Other people, such as contractors and consultants, and entitles may be issued email accounts upon request to GTS by the appropriate unit administrator.  Offices that need a functional account (one associated with an office rather than an individual) may also request functional email accounts.

Gallaudet University email is hosted and operated by Google Apps.   Google Apps for Education includes a number of tools including Electronic Mail, Calendar, Documents, Sites, and other tools.  Individuals may access their email by going to  Users can also access their email at, but must include their full email address (e.g., first.last@gallaudet) when logging in at

GTS provides support and assistance for users through Web Apps using a modern web browser through  If users use an email client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc) to access Gallaudet email, then the client will not be supported by GTS.

For further information about what emails we backup, please refer to our backup procedures.

For further information about activities that may be prohibited, please read the section 2.22 Use of Information Technology Resources policy in the Gallaudet University Administration and Operations Manual.