Personal Web Pages

All Gallaudet users of GTS hosted Personal Web Pages must adhere to the Personal Web Pages Agreement Form. To request a personal web page, please review and complete the Personal Web Pages Agreement Form and deliver it to the GTS Main Office in Merrill Learning Center 1120.

I have read the section 2.22 Use of Information Technology Resources policy in the Gallaudet University Administration and Operations Manual and I understand that my signature below means that I will abide by the rules stated in the manual.

I agree that I will not use my Gallaudet University hosted Personal Web Page to post:

  • Material that is defamatory, offensive, obscene, fraudulent, harassing (including uninvited amorous, sexual messages), threatening, embarrassing, humiliating, incites violence, or contains slurs, epithets, or anything that may be reasonably construed as harassment or disparagement based on race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, hearing status, age, disability, or religion or accessing, sending, receiving or soliciting sexually oriented messages or images or any other communication prohibited by law or other University policy.
  • Material that violate the ethical standards governing copyright, software licensing, and intellectual property.
  • The official Gallaudet University logo

Furthermore, I agree that I will not use my Gallaudet University hosted Personal Web Page for:

  • Personal gain, such as selling products or services; political movements or campaigns, non-Gallaudet related fund raising activities, or actions that conflict with Gallaudet University policies, statutes, and bylaws.

In the event that the Gallaudet Technology Services Department, or another appropriate unit of the University, believes that my Gallaudet hosted Personal Web Page is being used in a manner inconsistent with University rules, I understand that the University may remove the Personal Web Page.