Top 10 Things about Blackboard You Might Not Know

Retention Center provides an easy way for us to identify at-risk students in our courses. Click here to learn more.

Outcome & Activity Reporting helps us collect, measure, and assess our learning outcomes and gather activity reports. Click here to learn more on how to generate course reports. Click here to learn how to generate user activity reports.

Portfolio Assessment is a wonderful tool for students to collect and organize their artifacts representing their work completed over time. Click here to learn how.

Test/Assignment Power Features are nice! We no longer need to create a copy of test to offer certain students extended time. We can just click on "Test Availability Exceptions" to identify which students and how much more time they have to complete tests or assignments. We also can read "Test Access Log" to see how much time students spend on each test question or to spot cheaters who share same answers at exact same time.

Inline Grading allows us to comment, highlight, insert text, draw or strikeout text readily online while grading submitted assignments without having to download anything or leaving Bb Grade Center.

SafeAssign Integration is now part of regular assignment. We no longer have to choose between Assignments and SafeAssign. We can find this feature under assignment and click on "Submission options" and then Plagiarism. Click here to learn more.

Delegated Assignment Grading feature allows you to identify which instructor or TA grades which students' work. And you can compare grades made on the same student's work. Click here to learn more.

Student Preview offers you a chance to view your course and course grades from a students' perceptive. Click here to learn more.

Date Management is a nice feature that allows you to edit due dates for all assignments, tests, and content all on ONE page. Click here to learn more.