ACT Test at Gallaudet

  • Do you need your ACT results in less than a week?
  • Do you want to re-take the ACT test again?
  • Would you like to take the ACT in a conducive environment with full communication access?

If you answered 'YES' to all the questions above, then you're in luck! Gallaudet University offers the ACT on campus. Here's your opportunity to get a head start on the Gallaudet undergraduate application process.

The ACT is comprised of 75 English questions, 60 math questions, 40 reading questions, and 40 science questions.

The Gallaudet University Admissions Office accepts ACT scores for undergraduate applications.  ACT sessions are administered by a Gallaudet official/test coordinator on campus. Resulting test scores are valid for consideration by the Office of Admissions at Gallaudet only. Results of ACT tests administered at Gallaudet cannot be used for admission consideration by other universities/colleges. This restriction is according to the ACT HQ rules for residual test sites, such as Gallaudet University.  If you plan to transfer at least 30 credits from another college, you may not need to take the ACT. Please consult with your admissions counselor to confirm whether this situation applies to you.


If you are interested in taking the ACT at Gallaudet University, please review the ACT Schedule, read the Instructions available in the left panel, fill out the ACT Registration Form, and notify the Admissions Undergraduate Visitor Coordinator via email at at least two weeks prior to the campus visit so arrangements can be made. Please bring your valid photo ID with birth date displayed, an approved calculator, and a printout of the registration confirmation email with the registration number to the testing site to check in on time for the scheduled ACT test session. You should also inform and confirm with your admission counselor of your interest in taking the ACT and on which date.

ACT Session Schedule

It will take about five and a half hours for the ACT plus a half hour for instructions.

90 minutes for the English subsection
10 minute break
90 minutes for the Math subsection
10 minute break
60 minutes for the Reading subsection
10 minute break
60 minutes for the Science subsection
330 minutes total (about 5.5 hours)


Proctors use American Sign Language to communicate with the registrants. The ACT subsections listed above already have about 40% more time than the regular ACT in order to accommodate the needs of deaf and hard of hearing participants. If you wish to make a request for other special accommodation(s), please contact the ACT coordinator and be ready to submit documentation from a certified specialist in order to obtain special accommodations.


Some of your questions may be answered in the FAQs in the left panel. For any questions regarding the actual ACT itself, check out its website at and browse their links, especially the one for practice tests. Other questions about registering for the ACT at Gallaudet University or about special accommodations should be directed to the ACT test coordinator, Mr. Ali Sanjabi, at

Updated September 5, 2018