Students who matriculated in fall of 2021 or after follow the new Core Curriculum. Click here to view information about the Core curriculum.

Through our innovative General Studies Program, you will develop the critical thinking, analytical and communication skills that will prepare you for success in the 21st century. You will learn to understand and respect differing worldviews and to practice ethical and social responsibility as a member of an interdependent world.

As a first-year student, you will complete four Freshman Foundation courses. Upper-level integrated courses will then challenge you to apply the skills you have gained. In the senior capstone course, you will team with classmates to tackle a real issue through a project or work experience.

Gallaudet University Learning Outcomes

Many departments at Gallaudet help students meet the five major competencies of the General Studies Program:

  1. Language and Communication: Students will use American Sign Language and written English to communicate effectively with diverse audiences, for a variety of purposes, and in a variety of settings.
  2. Critical Thinking: Students will summarize, synthesize and critically analyze ideas from multiple sources in order to draw well-supported conclusions and solve problems.
  3. Identity and Culture: Students will understand themselves; complex social identities, including deaf identities; and the interrelations within and among diverse cultures and groups.
  4. Knowledge and Inquiry: Students will apply knowledge, modes of inquiry and technological competence from a variety of disciplines in order to understand human experience and the natural world.
  5. Ethics and Social Responsibility: Students will make well-reasoned ethical judgments, showing awareness of multiple value systems and taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions. They will apply these judgments, using collaboration and leadership skills, to promote social justice in their local, national and global communities.