General Studies - Overview
Students will take 40 credits in General Studies. Research shows that having this range of required general education credits benefits students by giving them opportunities to explore more courses in their area of interest or declare a major sooner. Students might choose to double major or add a minor to their primary field of study. Because the 21st century world is more interdisciplinary, graduates should have skills in more than one area. Students will be able to pursue their interests with more elective courses.

All courses emphasize bilingual teaching and learning strategies to promote fluency and competency in both ASL and English. In addition, courses stress skill development in critical thinking, language, and communication. These abilities are at the heart of every course students takes. The General Studies curriculum includes three components:

  • Freshman Foundation courses (4 courses, total 12 credits)
  • Integrated courses (6 courses, total 24 credits)
  • Capstone Experience (1 course, total 4 credits)