five partsUsing the broad theme of Washington, D.C. as a context for a variety of topics, students deepen their critical thinking skills while building competencies for subsequent integrated courses

GSR 150: Introduction to Integrated Learning (4)
This course is intended to help students transition from the basic skills courses of the first semester to the more challenging 200-level Integrated Learning Courses. This course will be taught by one or more faculty and will focus on a central topic that draws on content from more than one discipline; topics will vary from section to section and semester to semester. Whatever the topic, the goal will be to start building competency with regard to all five Undergraduate Learning Outcomes. Prerequisite: GSR 101, GSR 102.

Examples of courses offered:

  • The City as Text: Washington DC and Ethics (English and philosophy)
  • The City as Text: DC: A Monumental Exploration (English and history)
  • The City as Text: Studying the Wildlife Habitat in the DC Zoo Scene (biology and English)
  • The City as Text: La Vida Local: Sustainable Food in DC (English and biology)
  • The City as Text: Blogging DC! (English and history)

GSR 150 class

Professor Tracey Salaway illustrates how to design a storyboard for "D.C. Noir," a class co-taught with Professor Jennifer Nelson.