Five PartsGSR 210 Comparing Multicultural Perspectives (4)

This is an Integrated Learning Course which emphasizes the third Undergraduate Learning Outcome: Identity and Culture.

This course focuses on enabling students to understand complex social identities, including deaf identities, and the interrelations within and among diverse cultures and groups. This course will be taught by one or more faculty and will focus on a central topic that draws on content from more than one discipline; topics will vary from section to section and semester to semester. Students will engage in experiential learning activities, which may include service-learning opportunities, to reinforce and enhance the academic content of the course.  Prerequisite: GSR 150.

Examples of courses offered:

  • Language Rights (linguistics and education)
  • Deaf Cultures (sociology and linguistics)
  • The International Disability Rights Movement and its Impact on Culture and Identity  (history and Deaf studies)
  • Black American History and Literature (English and history)
  • Many Cultures of American Literature (English and history)

    Students at Natural History museum

Students in GSR 210 course on identity and culture visit the National Museum of Natural History's exhibition on "Race: Are We So Different?"

Fundraiser for Haiti

Students organized a fund-raiser for Deaf victims of the Haitian earthquake. Haitian food, dance and entertainment were part of an evening that also included a silent art auction. Proceeds went to Institut Montfort and St. Vincent's Center for Handicapped Children.