Five Parts GSR 220 Methods of Multiple Disciplines (4)
This is an Integrated Learning Course that emphasizes the fourth Undergraduate Learning Outcome: Knowledge and Inquiry.

This course focuses enabling students to apply knowledge, modes of inquiry, and technological competence from a variety of disciplines in order to understand human experience and the natural world. This course will be taught by one or more faculty and will focus on a central topic that draws on content from more than one discipline; topics will vary from section to section and semester to semester. Students will engage in experiential learning activities, which may include service-learning opportunities, to reinforce and enhance the academic content of the course. Prerequisite: GSR 150.

  • Examples of courses offered:
  • Play with Language (ASL and English)
  • Translate That! Lab  (ASL and English)
  • Social Movement of Liberation in Latin America (history and foreign language)
  • Framing Terrorism: Justice & Sociology (law and sociology)
  •  DPN 25: Now and Then (history and sociology)
  • Caves to Computers (art and history)

GSR 220 class

Professor Marina Dzougoutov shares video editing techniques with student Tiasa Bera in a class on Deaf Cinema.

art from a GSR 220 class

Homepage of a website on overpopulation in India written and designed by GSR 220 students Claira Oberrender and Christopher Phillips.