Five Parts GSR 230 Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning in Context  (4)
This is an Integrated Learning Course which emphasizes the fourth Undergraduate Learning Outcome: Knowledge and Inquiry, in particular scientific and quantitative approaches to understanding human experience and the natural world. 

This course will be taught by one or more faculty and will focus on a central topic that draws on content from more than one discipline; topics will vary from section to section and semester to semester.  Students will engage in experiential learning activities, which may include service-learning opportunities, to reinforce and enhance the academic content of the course. Prerequisites: GSR 104 or MAT 130, GSR 150.

Examples of courses offered:

  • Face to Face (English and biology)
  • Starting Your Own Business (English and business)
  • Welcome to the End of the World/Science in Apocalyptic Fiction (English and physical sciences)
  • Exploring Science Fiction (philosophy and physics)

 student works on a maskfinished mask

Above: Student Deborah Clark works on a symbolic mask assignment in Face2Face, an interdisciplinary course weaving together biology, literature and art. Above Right: Deborah Clark's finished mask: "Villanelle."

Students at the Chesapeake Bay

Students learn about the Chesapeake Bay by interacting with its habitat in an interdisciplinary course combining history and biology.