Five Parts GSR 240 Ethical Evaluations and Actions (4)
This is an Integrated Learning Course that emphasizes the fifth Undergraduate Learning Outcome: Ethics and Social Responsibility.

This course focuses enabling students to make well-reasoned ethical judgments and to apply those judgments to promote social justice.  This course will be taught by one or more faculty and will focus on a central topic that draws on content from more than one discipline; topics will vary from section to section and semester to semester.  Students will engage in experiential learning activities, which may include service-learning opportunities, to reinforce and enhance the academic content of the course. Prerequisite: GSR 150.

Examples of courses offered:

  • Character Study: Philosophy, Religion and Fantasy (religion and philosophy)
  • Civil Rights Struggles Through Images and Text (art and government)
  • Ethics of Dating and Mating (philosophy and sociology)
  • Fair Play? An Examination of Integrity as Reflected in Sports Literature (English and sociology)
  • Women's Body Images in Advertising (philosophy and art)

Mary Beth Tinker explains the 1st amendment

Mary Beth Tinker (third from left) explains about the freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment. She sued the Des Moines school district for a violation of freedom of expression. In 1969 the Supreme Court ruled in Tinker v Des Moines that students do not "shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the school house gate."

students at bens chili

Students in "Civil Rights Struggles" course visit the historic Ben's Chili
Restaurant and meet founder Virginia Ali (second from right).

Student presentation in GSR 240

Student Kevin Allen offers solutions on how to improve the living standard of the Deaf Community in Fiji as part of his GSR 240 Social Entrepreneurship class.