Who Is My Admissions Counselor?

Use the directory below to find your Gallaudet University graduate admissions counselor.

Admissions Counselor: Heidi Zornes-Foster

Programs: Au.D. in Audiology, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infants, Toddlers and their Families: Collaboration and Leadership Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate, M.A. in Interpretation, M.A. in Linguistics, M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. in Educational Neuroscience, Ph.D. in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences, Ph.D. in Interpretation, Ph.D. in Linguistics, Psy.D. in School Psychology 

Contact: heidi.zornes-foster@gallaudet.edu

Admissions Counselor: Erin Fisher

Programs: Certificate and M.A. in Deaf Studies, Certificate in Sexuality and Gender Studies, Ed.S. in Deaf Education, M.A. in Deaf Education Studies program, M.A. in Education, M.A. in International Development, M.A. in Sign Language Education, MSW in Social Work, Master of Public Administration, Ph.D. in Critical Studies in the Education of Deaf Learners

Contact: erin.fisher@gallaudet.edu