Before You Apply

Making the decision to attend graduate school is a big undertaking. And, once you have decided to pursue a graduate degree, you want to find the right program and university for you.

Identify your Program

Identify your program of study and deadlines for your program.You may apply to more than one program but will need to complete a separate application for each program.

Not Sure?

If you have a BA and wish to study on a non-degree basis without necessarily concentrating in a single department, you can apply as a graduate special student. If you are accepted as a special student, you must check with the department offering the courses desired to ensure that all prerequisites have been met, and obtain the instructor's permission.

Request Official Transcripts

Request official transcript(s) from institutions you've attended, including Gallaudet. Your institution(s) should send original, official transcripts, showing your degree awarded, to the Graduate Admissions Office. See out FAQ page for more information about the transcript requirement.

Request Official Test Scores

You must request your official test scores. When you take the GRE and TOEFL, you will be asked whether you want your scores sent to any schools. Use institution code R5240 to send scores to Gallaudet.

For more information on standardized tests, check out the GRE and MAT websites. In addition, the MAT is offered here on campus. It is offered every second Thursday of each month in the Career Library at 8:00 am. The 202-651-5240 is the correct number to call for information on the MAT. The GRE is also administered thru the Career Center. It is offered every six months.

    • GRE - Graduate Record Examinations
    • MAT - Miller Analogies Test
    • - Free Practice Tests

Contact your Recommenders

Most programs require three letters of recommendation. Be sure to send invitations to your recommenders on the Recommendations page of the online application. A name and email address is required for each recommender before you click on the 'Send Invitation' link. Please note that an invitation is automatically sent if you: 1) click on the 'Send Invitation' link or 2) click to go to the next page or 3) save the application or 4) submit the application. The recommender name and email address may be changed before you submit your application and the invitation sent earlier will no longer be valid. After you submit your application, you will need to log into the Self Service Center if you want to make any changes to your recommender preference. No further changes can be made after your application status changes to under review by the department.

Prepare your Goal Statement

Most programs require a goal statement. The goal statement should convince readers- the faculty on the selection committee- that you have solid achievements behind you that show promise for your success in graduate study. It might be helpful to think of the goal statement as a composition with four different parts:

Part 1: Introduce yourself, your interests and motivations
Part 2: Summarize your undergraduate and previous graduate career
Part 3:Discuss the relevance of your recent and current activities
Part 4: Elaborateon your academic interest

Check to see if the ASLPI is Required

What is the ASLPI?

The American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI) is a holistic language evaluation used to determine global ASL proficiency. The basic precept in this type of evaluation is to find out through a face-to-face interview what an individual can do with the target language at a given point in time. The ASLPI is a 20-25 minute video recorded interactive dialogue between the examinee and the interviewer. The interview is rated by a team of evaluators and examinees are awarded an overall proficiency level on a 0-5 rating scale. Language proficiency evaluation was originally developed by the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the US Department of State and has been used by the government for decades. Adaptations to the language proficiency evaluation were made with respect to ASL and the ASLPI was born. The ASLPI is utilized by agencies, schools, universities, programs and employers.

The following graduate programs require the ASLPI as part of your application requirements. It is important to schedule your ASLPI as soon as possible.

  • Certificate In ASL And English Bilingual Early Childhood Deaf Education
  • Certificate in Deaf Studies
  • Ed.S. in Deaf Education
  • M.A. in Deaf Education
  • M.A. in Deaf Education: Advanced Studies
  • M.A. in Deaf Studies
  • M.A. in Early Childhood Education and Deaf Education
  • M.A. in Elementary Education and Deaf Education
  • M.A. in Interpretation: Combined Interpreter Practice and Research Concentration (CIPR)
  • M.A. in Interpretation: Interpreter Research Concentration (IR)
  • M.A. in Secondary Education and Deaf Education
  • M.A. in Sign Language Education
  • Ph.D. in Critical Studies in the Education of Deaf Learners

How much does it cost? (Summer and Fall Admissions)

  • Applicants who make their first contact with ASL Diagnostic and Evaluation Services (ASL-DES) for scheduling February 15 (October 31 for Spring Admission) or earlier will be offered the $35.00 reduced ASLPI fee.
  • This means the actual ASLPI evaluation may take place after February 15 (October 31 for Spring Admission). The reduced fee is tied to the first contact with ASL-DES, and not the date of result distribution.
  • Beginning February 16 (November 1 for Spring Admission), the fee will be increased to $165.00.

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